Thursday, October 20, 2011

T- minus 45 days

I know I say this nearly every post- but time really does fly! It's the 20th of October- nearly the 21st in a few minutes and I will be flying back to Iowa in 45 days. Assessments turned in, exams completed, and a fresh Sydney tan to complete the year. But let's not skip ahead too fast- here's a few more tidbits on the happenings of October...

We have been a bit of a social house these past few weeks- for a while it was as if we had disappeared off the map.  A mate of all the girls in the house was celebrating her birthday and splurged for a pent house suite apartment for the night. Located on the 73rd floor, ceiling to floor windows offered the most magnificent views of Sydney. The harbor bridge, lights of George Street, and the ocean were included in the panoramic view. The apartment itself was gorgeous, but the views it offered were priceless. Unfortunately we couldn't spend the whole time there, so we naturally went out and had a good time like all uni students know how to do.

The following day a mate and I went on a Catamaran and cruised around Darling harbor for 5 hours. The day was absolutely gorgeous and once again, I got a second chance to take in the views of the ocean and the city. I had never experienced a boat cruise before, but it's definitely something I am keen to do again. Good people, drinks, and music were the perfect combination for the day.

The noodle market is next on our list of excursions. A two week event held in Hyde Park; the noodle market is rows and rows of Thai, Chinese, dumplings, gelato, and many other scrumptious bites. I would compare it to a marathon of eating- start slow and keep going steady. Everything smelled so good and I wanted to have a bite of everything. Going in a group was great because everyone tried everyone else's food so you had a taste of everything. The pad thai, chicken dumplings, and passion fruit chili ice cream were my favorites of the night. So many unique flavors- there was something for everyone! We decided we needed to hit food festivals more often. There's live music, a great atmosphere, and ridiculously cheap food. Everything a poor uni student dreams of!

On a more serious note, these past few weeks have had me really thinking about my journey to Australia and my experiences while here. To say it was a rough road getting to where I am today would be an understatement. I am not for sure if those experiences made me a stronger person, but I am sure that my time here has changed me into someone I want to be. Feeling at peace, at home (sorry mum) is the best gift I could give myself. Moving here gave me that feeling- something I never want to lose. My point in all the emotional rambling is I needed inspiration to kick start my motivation and drive to do something with my life. That inspiration came from a variety of sources but to all who read this (which may only be 2...) be inspired. I want everyone to have the feeling I had when I first moved here and still possess. You all supported me through my worst and best. Passing on the love and inspiration is only a small thank you, but know I want you all to be inspired to do whatever makes you happy, feel whole.

I feel like I should end this on a comical note, but nothing is coming to me. You'll hear back from me soon with more ramblings!