Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nearing the end of semester

Yes, I have been slacking on my blogging- but for a very good reason. Seems as if the second half of semester is much busier than the first. Papers and exams have taken over my life! But I have managed to fit in a few exciting events:

Familiar Faces
When I first found out I was moving to Sydney, suddenly a lot of connections from Iowa started popping up. A member of the church congregation has a daughter that moved to Sydney last October. Sarah and her boyfriend and I finally met up during the last part of my break to meet each other. Its always nice to see someone from back home- even if its thousands of miles away! The company was great and we had a great time comparing Australia to the States. We ate at a restaurant called Pancakes on the Rocks. Hands down the best crepes and pancakes I have ever had. Chocolate pancakes with strawberries and creme topped my meal off for dessert- definitely a recommendation for anyone who comes to visit! My flatmate Ally joined us for our lunch (I needed her excellent navigational skills!) It was a gorgeous day and we walked around the harbor afterwards

My new best friend

The aboriginal's performing

Tawnya visits Sydney

My cousin Tawnya trekked back to Sydney with a few of her friends from Minnesota. I stayed with them on their first day in Sydney. Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate and it was rainy and cold for the majority of the day. But we didn't let that stop us and decided to go to Paddington Market- another must do in Sydney. The market is full of lots of vendors that sell everything from jewelry and clothes to handmade dishes and chocolate (so good!) I decided I'm definitely going back before I leave for some Christmas gifts! After that we went back to their motel and rested a bit before we went out for the night. We went to the Rocks- the oldest area in Sydney- but known for its bars. I decided Tawnya and her friends can still party like they are in college!

The Weather...

Sadly the warm weather is long gone and the cold has arrived. Sydney is lucky enough to be having an early winter- I think I brought Iowa's weather with me! When I first arrived I told everyone, "I've survived many Iowa winters, I can get through a little cold in Sydney." I was completely wrong- the cold here is much different and the houses we live in have zero insulation or heat. So I have pulled out my blankets and boots and scarves. It's going to be a long winter- but luckily I will be in Bali for part of it! We officially booked our trip and I cannot wait to get finals over with and get on the plane (we leave the morning after I finish my tests- don't know if that was a good idea??) When I return to Sydney, I'll get to see more familiar faces when Tawnya visits again with my Aunt and Uncle.