Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School! Back to School!

Unfortunately the time has come for uni to begin again. Something about second semester makes it very difficult to get back into the swing of things. After being alone in the house for the majority of the last few weeks of break, my flatmates returned and we spent ample time catching up with each other and replaying our holiday adventures. After hearing about their treks in Greece, Spain, and New Zealand, I now have many places added to my list of travel plans. After many celebrations of being reunited and relishing every last minute of break- my alarm woke me up bright and early Monday morning (ok 10 am...) and I made the dreaded walk back to the lecture hall; notebook and pen in hand.

I am surprisingly excited about most of this semester's classes. I am taking Human Evolution and diversity, intro to anthropology, sociology of everyday life, and economy and society. Unfortunately economy and society is a required for my major- after attending the first lecture I decided I was really taking econ 101- we'll see how well that class goes. I suppose you have to have one dreaded class each semester.

Naturally, it couldn't be back to school week without a back to school party hosted by our friendly neighborhood uni bar. Adorned in back to school costumes we brought in the new semester with a bang. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken to document this momentous event- but I can assure all of you, we celebrated safely and responsibly...

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am officially an employed uni student (finally!) I started work at our second hand text book store on campus last week and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I discovered our official looking staff uniforms inspire students to ask me many questions about the university, campus, and other administrative details- sadly the biggest help I could be was to give them poor directions to various buildings on campus. I can't complain about the job, as it buys my groceries and pays my bills!

Now that I am an employed student, I thought I deserved a night out in the city to de-stress and forget about work- first weeks are always difficult right?? Actually, we just wanted a girl's night out to have some fun and get out of the village. And we discovered a secret bar! Called Grandma's Bar, it's a hidden place stowed away in the basement of a guitar store. After a difficult half an hour walking around in heels trying to find the place, we finally spotted it and entered into a world of rocking chairs, faded wallpaper, and knitted scarves. Cocktails are served in mugs, rocking chairs replace bar stools, and knitting supplies are set around tables where patrons are welcome to have a go at knitting. Of course, we fell in love with the place and spent way too much money on drinks- but we felt we deserved it!

Enough of my ramblings- I need to attempt to do my readings for class....  Stay tuned for more updates. I will try to liven up my life to create some blog worthy details!